Que 1. When does the admission process start?
Ans. Admission starts with declaration of Matriculation Examination Result. On the basis of marks obtained in Matriculation Examination. Admission process starts in June-July every year.

Que 2. What is the minimum eligibility of the lectures that are counted?
Ans. A student has to secure at least75% (overall) attendance in theory and practical and minimum 60% attendance in each subject (separately).

Que 3. Can the attendance be condoned on medical grounds?
Ans. Yes, shortage in attendance can be condoned upto 5% on medical grounds by the principal provided the medical certificate is submitted by the candidate within 7 days of his return from Medical leave. In addition to 5% condonation by the Principal, 5% condonation of lectures on medical ground is also allowed by the Secretary of the Board on the case being recommended by the Principal.

Que 4. On what basis candidate can be detained?
Ans. The candidate is detained either due to the shortage of attendance or due to non-appearance of the student in any of the paper in lower examination.

Que 5. Can the candidate apply for re-evaluation?
Ans. Yes, Re-evaluation is permissible. Procedure and eligibility criteria is that a fee of Rs.600.00 per subject is to be submitted.The online application is to be submitted within 10 days from the date of declaration of the results of all her semesters on the Board’s web sites.

Que 6. What is the procedure to get duplicate DMC/Diploma ?
Ans. The student has to apply to the principal and the application is forwarded along with the FIR/DDR and requisite fee of Rs.200/- per DMC in favour of the Secretary, Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training, Chandigarh is to be attached with the application form. In case of duplicate Diploma certificate, student must provide the copy of the originally issued Diploma certificate.

Que 7. What are the eligibility conditions for migration?
Ans. A student can migrate in 3rd semester by fulfilling the following conditions:
1. Candidate must have completely passed the 1st semester in the first attempt.
2. Requisite fee of Rs.500/- in favour of the Secretary, Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training, Chandigarh is to be filled.
3. For getting the migration during 5th semester, candidate must have passed the 1st, 2nd & 3rd semester at the time of submission of application and fee of Rs.500/-.

Que 8. What is the maximum duration for completion of Diploma Course?
Ans. The maximum permissible period for the completion of the diploma course is twice the duration of the Diploma course i.e. a three year diploma course should be completed in a maximum period of six years and so on.