The TechClubwill aim to educate the polytechnic community on the latest technology trendsand skills, to facilitate recruiting opportunities, and to foster social andprofessional networking.


A career intechnology can overlap to mean many things – eCommerce, Software, Hardware,Telecom, Electronics, HealthCare IT, Consumer Electronics, Digital Media, etc.and we at the PolyTech Club seek to provide education and opportunities to ourmembers.

The Tech Club willprovide resources to its members through Seminars, Newsletters, Recruiting and InterviewWorkshops, Mentorships, Industry Quizzes, Social events,Conferences, Tech Competitions and much more.


Head of Department

Sr Lecturer /Lecturer – 2





Joint Secretary


ExecutiveMembers (4)


SRC of theinstitute is responsible for cultural and sports activities of the institute atthe moment. The TechClub will collaborate with the SRC of the institute inorganising such activities

Training andPlacement Cell of the institute is responsible for industrial seminars,workshops and skill oriented lectures apart from the training and placementactivities. The TechClub in close association with the Cell will organisetechnical seminars and guest lectures by prominent industrialists/personalities.Technical workshops will be conducted every month.

Calender of Event

  1. Workshop on latest trends
  2. Workshop / Lectures on Entrepreneurship, Communication and SoftSkills, Career Guidance on soft skills
  3. Lecture by prominent industrialist
  4. Industrial visits
  5. Technical Paper Reading
  6. Project work monitoring and encouraging participation in Tech-Fest
  7. Technical quiz to be held bimonthly