Today , the need of the hour is to educate all about the deteriorating ecological balance. In the name of modernisation, our mother earth has suffered a lot. The ECO CLUB will educate the need to preserve natural resources. Awareness regarding climate changes, ozone layer depletion, land degradation, industrial wastes, use of chemicals in food industry & agriculture, etc will be spread among students and neighbouring localities.

The club will organize seminars,debates, expert lectures on ecological issues. To organize rallies or marches in nearby areas for awareness of disposing garbage properly, to discourage the use of plastic and polythene, instead cloth bags should be promoted.

Tree planting campaigns will be held.Campaigns against noise pollution, air pollution , etc will be held. Kitchen gardens, medicinal plants, planting trees on special occasions will be promoted.

Activities such as debates, meditation, poster making, slogans, drawing/painting, field trips, cleanliness drives, essay writings, paper presentation will be held.

The composition of the club will be as following:
Chairman : Principal  Er Ravinder Singh
President : Er N.S.Dhindsa
Vice-President : Madam Navjeet Kaur
Secretary : Madam Sukhbir Kaur
Manager : S. Harinder Singh
Members : student volunteers.